MSI WT72 6QM, Laptop Cool for Designers, use Intel Xeon Processors

The use of a laptop for heavy activities that can be said is already mushroomed few years ago. Various kinds of laptops with specs frightening was released by several manufacturers, to handle jobs that do not light, such as playing games and render or run programs like Auto CAD and the like.

The development of technology from time to time, MSI through its flagship product, presenting them with the latest workstation laptop WT72 series 6QM. Unlike a laptop grim generally used for gaming, the laptop is designed to handle such activities renders.

such as the use of Intel Xeon processors and Core i7 6700HQ. Unfortunately for Indonesia's own admission is a variant with the use of Intel Core i7 processors 6700HQ. Though MSI also provides a variant of the Intel Xeon processor as the "brains".
In addition there DDR4 RAM capacity of 16GB, but if not satisfied there are a total of 4 slots of RAM with a maximum capacity is 64GB. For storage there is also a conventional hard disk capacity of 1TB, and equipped with SSD with SATA M.2 slot that supports NVMe.

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MSI pair WT72 6QM laptop with a screen of 17.3 inches with a resolution of Full HD. This screen also uses an IPS panel and wrapped with anti-glare coating. Not only that, to create sharp color as the original, MSI embed True Color technology on display this laptop.

 Do not want half-over half, MSI also uses mechanical keyboard from Steelseries has a background color. There was also a Thunderbolt port 3, as well as support the use of up to four monitors at once.

With the above specifications certainly WT72 6QM MSI is priced at a price not cheap. In Indonesia alone MSI set prices high enough to be able to bring home this workstation laptops, which is about $4,199.00. But with the price we felt what was offered this MSI has a very qualified to handle and process the activity of rendering 3-dimensional design.

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